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Acrobat Results Stock Trading Strategy

We are simulating the Acrobat Strategy over the last 10 day period. Acrobat profited $0.00 in this test. The data provided below is for informational purposes only.

Acrobat Strategy Overview for the Last 10 Trading Days
  • Total Trades Ideas: 0
  • Successful Trades: 0
  • Failed Trades: 0
  • Open Trades: 0
  • Average Trade Duration: 0 D, 0 H, 0 M
  • Average Trade Cost: $ 0
  • Average Trades / Day: 0
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10  Days, Shares Per Trade 100  Less Than  $2000

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Acrobat Stock Strategy

How to Trade Acrobat

Buy Long when the EMA lines crosses (fast EMA crosses above slow EMA). Wait until the EMA of the RSI is less than 40. Also be sure the index of the ATR is less than 50.

See this Strategy on a Chart

The chart below is a sample of how Acrobat would generate a trade idea. The chart below is a 15 minute chart, be aware that the trade idea would be confirmed on a higher time frame chart. In this case a 1 hour chart.