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MTF Stock is a tool to help find High Probability trading ideas. Strategies are back tested for years over multiple time frames to discover which Strategies work on which Symbols

Who Is This Site For

This site is great for anyone interested in algorithmic trading of stocks. It's also ideal for anyone having trouble finding indicator combinations that actually work. For people experienced with algorithmic trading, you might find these alternate approaches interesting. I developed MTF Stock to make trading easier for me while I worked at my day job. I needed a system to prequalify trades and send me ideas that were pre-filtered for a high probability of success.

Purpose Of This Site

When I was starting out on this project, I was not able to find anyone that would openly talk about how they got an algorithmic trading systems to work. I also had huge problems with various other areas such as, smoothing indicators out for clear signaling. I could not find anyone that had openly dealt with real-time data collection. But most importantly, I would have really benefited from just seeing that someone had successfully got a system running.

How does all this work ? Please start with the SIMPLE version below. But there is also a very detailed version AVALIABLE.

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